About us

We are a group of fruits’ and vegetables’ producers GRUPA KONARY Sp. z o. o.. The company was established in 2011 based on the decision of the owners and longstanding trade partners of the company AGRO KONARY Sp. z o.o. which has been operating on the polish market ceaselessly since 1997. All this makes GRUPA KONARY combine not only longstanding manufacturing experience of its members and intimate local producers, GRUPA KONARY is above all reliable business partner, in every level of its operation. Our professional approach as well as long experience on the fruit and vegetable market has been appreciated not only by our suppliers and coworkers but also by our customers who allow us to increase the amount of exported fruits and vegetables systematically.

GRUPA KONARY involves over 650 hectares of agricultural area located by Warka and in the village Konary, which is called, not without reason, the cradle of polish fruit-growing. We produce over 20 000 tones of apples annually, mostly the following varieties: Idared, Jonagored, Champion, Gloster, Ligol, Gala, Golden Delicious. In our offer we have apart from apples also pears as well as Chinese cabbage. We have been exporting our products under the brand AGRO KONARY to the eastern markets (Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan) and due to the dynamic development of the company and establishing of GRUPA KONARY we have extended the circle of our customers by such countries as: Italy, Germany, India and Great Britain over the last years.

GRUPA KONARY has modern storehouse – sorting facilities and its own logistic center. We posses modern cold store base which allows us to maintain freshness and quality of our fruits on the highest level all year round. What is more, our sorting lines, type GeoSort IV from the company Greefa allows us to sort the fruits in accordance with the carefully set parameters, among others by size and color, depending on the expectations of the customers. We pack our products in accordance with the highest standards, also to customer’s specification.

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